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June 30, 2021

Weekend Getaway Ideas on Any Budget

Here are a variety of vacation ideas.

As COVID-19 restrictions loosen up heading into summer, many of us are excited to travel and spend some vacation time with our significant other, families, or friends. Many people managed to save a great deal of money from last year with travel restrictions and less opportunities to eat out. This is your chance to finally spend the vacation fund you saved since last year. Here a few ideas for a weekend getaway.

Camp at a national park

A lot of campgrounds and national parks were closed last summer. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you will be glad to know that you can go camping again. This is a very budget-friendly option for families and friends, and you can take your pick of parks to camp in based on far you are willing to drive. If you are an avid camper, you probably own most of the gear needed for camping. You would just need to pay for the parking pass, the campsite fee, and for approved firewood. Depending on the different park or state fees, you can probably keep expenses under $100. To save more, you can split that total if you are traveling with others.

Road trip with your family or friends

Road trips are the best ways to spend time with your family and friends, and it is budget-friendly as airplane ticket prices can pile up when you have a big family. Consider doing a weekend road trip to some of your state’s most popular sights. Do some research and ask around to find some hidden gems within a couple hours’ drive. You’ll be surprised with some of the things you can find. This can even be shortened to a day trip, and you can skip having to pay for a place to spend the night.

Go on a beachside vacation

When we think summer, sometimes our minds bring us to the image of people lounging on the beach and playing by the ocean. If you enjoy being on the beach, there are many ways to plan for a beach vacation that suits your budget. Most beaches have affordable kayaks and surfboard rental nearby, not to mention many food vendors for snacks throughout the day. For accommodations, you can either splurge on a resort or save by living in a hostel or budget motel. If you don’t fancy the idea of staying near a beach, you can always organize a day trip instead.

Travel for a city break

If you are living in a small town or countryside, but you’re looking for city excitement, consider traveling to one of the many cities in the U.S. Based on your interest in each city’s culture and cost, you can drive or fly to cities like New York, New Orleans, Houston and more. City breaks can get expensive so if you are planning on flying, keep notifications on for cheap flights so you can get the best deals possible. If you have a relative in the city, you should take full advantage of that as accommodation fees can pile up quickly. If not, consider renting an Airbnb instead of a hotel as hotel fees can really pile up in taxes and fees.

These ideas give you a head start on planning your ideal summer vacation. They are flexible in terms of budgeting, and with more research into your preferences, you can craft up a great vacation for you and your spouse, family members, and circle of friends. Since you skipped on vacation last year, you have more to spend on vacation this summer.