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March 14, 2022

Tips for Buying a Vehicle in 2022

Know the latest market trends and save on your next big vehicle purchase.

With increased demand, supply chain issues, and reduced supply of used and new cars, buying a vehicle has become a challenge this year. Use these tips to make smarter financial moves to secure the car you want without breaking the bank.

Do your research and be flexible

With the current unfavorable market, the best option may be to wait for better prices. But for buyers who need a new car now, there are still options to buy a vehicle at a reasonable price. The most important strategies to remember are comparing prices, compromise, and negotiation. With the current demand, prices will not be in your favor, especially on popular models. Always research online before you visit a dealership in person and remember that your best option could be in a different city or state.

Don’t compromise

Consider being flexible with your choice of brand and model to potentially save thousands of dollars on the ticket price. But keep in mind the features and capabilities you need out of your vehicle and avoid settling on a car that does not fit your needs. Importantly, don’t let the stress of overspending be in the back of your mind during your search and instead establish an amount you want to spend beforehand that is within your budget so that your monthly payments are sustainable. For auto loan assistance, explore the flexible options that Citizens First Bank has to offer.

Use negotiation to your advantage

Have your financial plan for buying a car established before you visit your chosen dealership. If there is a deal, it may not last long and you will need to act quickly to secure it. One of the buyer’s biggest advantages now is the high value of used cars; the value of many used cars has increased by almost 50% in the past year. Compare prices at several dealerships to ensure that you are getting a fair price for your trade-in vehicle. While dealerships may not haggle much on a car’s price, ask for other incentives such as warranties and free oil changes to sweeten the deal.

For more financial and loan resources visit your local Citizens First Bank in person or online. Our experienced team can help find the tools you need for budgeting and spending.