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May 17, 2021

Spring into Savings

Here are some money saving tips.

The spring season is a time of renewal and a good time to start fresh. That is why many people choose to do spring cleaning or start on projects that they have been putting off. Let’s take advantage of the season change and get rid of our winter blues with these saving accounts. Here are a few savings accounts we offer that allow you to earn interest while you save.

Personal savings

A personal savings account is a good spot to store your money while earning interest. These federally insured accounts are protected unlike investment accounts. A savings account is a basic bank account that allows you to deposit money, earn interest, and take money out when you please. These accounts are ideal for an emergency fund or vacation savings.

Kids club

The Kids Club Account is a savings account for children ages 16 and under. Not only does this help teach children the importance of saving but it can help to cultivate good financial habits. Kids Club Accounts are also a good way to save for your child’s future and to encourage them to save money for their own financial goals.

Savings bonds

Savings Bonds are an easy way for individuals to loan money to the government and then receive a return on their investment. You can accrue interest on the amount you spend on buying bonds. Not only are they easy, but they have tax benefits. A downside is that the United States Treasury has suspended selling bonds over the counter at financial institutions. If you wish to purchase a bond, you have to buy it directly from the U.S. Treasury.

Christmas club

A Christmas club account is a short-term account where you can put aside money for the Christmas season. Holiday seasons tend to put a strain on one’s budget. This more goal-oriented savings account allows you to stash away savings throughout the year for the holidays. A check will be sent to you in October, just in time so you can spend it on festive shopping.

Whether you are just putting aside money for a rainy day or saving for a specific milestone, we offer different savings accounts for a variety of age groups. Take advantage of our options and start saving today. Call or stop by your local branch for rates or to open a new account.