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June 9, 2021

How to Sell Unwanted Items Online and Offline

Get rid of old and unwanted items in your home for some cash.

As we are well into spring cleaning season, you might feel the need to declutter your house. After you’ve cleaned your home of old items or items that you no longer need, you find they are taking up most of your garage or basement space. Here are a few ways you can sell your old items online and offline.

Online: local groups on social media or selling sites

Social media such as Facebook has a marketplace feature that allows you to sell small and big items to your local area. You can offer pick-up options and wouldn’t have to deal with shipping issues. It’s better to limit selling to local online groups that you are familiar with or know the members so you can avoid scammers. If you are open to selling to a wider geographic range, you can go completely online by selling on sites like eBay. This might give you a bigger audience to sell your unwanted items. You would have to deal with shipping, but it would not be a problem if you know how to handle it.

Offline: organize a garage sale

Spring and summer are the best times to host a garage sale. With people out and about hunting for bargains, this is an ideal time to sell your stuff. If you find that you do not have enough stuff for your own garage sale, collaborate with a neighbor or friend to host one. Garage sales are a good way to get rid of things swiftly; all you need are some tables for smaller things, some price tags, and good bartering techniques.

Online: look for stores that cater to specific items

If you want to sell some of your higher quality items, you can look up websites or stores online that cater to specific items such as collectibles or electronics. You might sell a big collection of comics or trading cards or be able to trade in an older model smartphone that is still working. For small items like trading cards or comics, they might not be worth the effort to sell on your own. By selling to a store that specializes in them, you might get a good deal.

Offline: take quality items to consignment shops

Most neighborhoods have second-hand stores or consignment shops that help people sell high-quality items like furniture, jewelry, clothes, and more. Make sure that you bring things that match the store’s quality as they will reject items they are not interested in selling. Find a time to have them look at your stuff beforehand, you can do this online or in-person, so they can pick what they want. Consignment stores usually offer a good balance for sellers even if they are not the best deal.

When spring cleaning, make sure to go through all your closets and storage areas, so you know what you are planning to get rid of. By selling your items using one of these methods, you might be able to get some value out of them and free up storage space in your home. Not only will you reduce waste, but you’ll be selling them for someone to use and give them a second life.