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September 8, 2022

How to Save Money While Traveling

Learn how to conserve some cash while you’re exploring the world!

Traveling is an amazing experience. Whether it’s around the globe or just across the state it can help create memories that last a lifetime. Unfortunately these memories can come at a major financial cost, but they don’t have to! Read on to learn how to save your money while traveling.

Plan your trip around the off-season

One easy way to save money while traveling is to take your trip during the “off-season”. This means taking your trip when the weather conditions are ‘less favorable’ for your destination. An example would be taking a trip to Greece during the winter. The weather is colder than the rest of the year, so there are fewer people taking trips to Greece. This provides a lack of competition for booking hotels; oftentimes, prices for things like tours are lower due to the lack of visitors. There is also the added benefit of your experience feeling more local and less crowded.

Book your flights for midweek

Travel costs can often be more expensive than the events of the trip itself! If you need to fly it’s best to book your flight midweek. Tuesday and Wednesday are the cheapest times to fly. Because most people want to do all their traveling at the beginning or end of the week, ticket prices for flights in the middle are normally much lower. If you can’t fly out in the middle of the week, you can also try booking a flight for Saturday. Saturday flights tend to be cheaper than Friday or Sunday flights, but are still more expensive than flying out midweek.

Plan your itinerary early

The earlier you start planning and booking activities the better! Booking activities further ahead of time can help you save some money while traveling. If you are looking for activities like tours which require you to schedule ahead, the rates will oftentimes be cheaper if you book earlier rather than last minute. The longer you wait to sign up, the higher the prices will climb. Signing up online can present some good deals as well.

Open a travel-friendly checking account

While you are away from home you will still need to access your money easily. You may want to open a checking account that offers ATM reimbursements on non-branch ATMs. You don’t want to have to spend money for cash that is already yours! Also, you’ll want to make sure that if you are traveling abroad, that you’re not limited on how many withdrawals you can make. Check with your bank before you leave to make sure that you have access to your money while you’re away.

Citizens First Bank is a great place to open up an account if you love to travel! We offer checking accounts with ATM reimbursement, along with saving plans and loan options to help with financing a trip. Feel free to stop in, give us a call, or visit our website today.