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April 11, 2020

Five Ways to Support Local Businesses During COVID-19

Find creative ways to support your favorite spots in your community during the coronavirus pandemic.

With shops, restaurants, and other businesses adjusting and reducing their hours or closing altogether in response to coronavirus, there are still ways to support them.

Buy gift cards.

Inject some much-needed cash into your favorite small business by purchasing a gift card. If the business is closed, see if gift cards are available online. A gift card can give a company a boost of confidence—and a little extra income—to get them through the next few weeks. When life goes back to normal and businesses open up again, be sure to space out your use of the gift card to help the business bounce back.

Order takeout and delivery.

Don’t miss out on your go-to restaurants or date-night favorites. Order from a local restaurant using curbside pick-up or a contactless delivery service. Support your favorite local restaurants and give yourself a little variety at dinnertime.

Shop local online.

In response to closing their brick-and-mortar stores, many shops and businesses have expanded their online shopping capabilities. See if your favorite local shops offer online options. While locally owned businesses are important to support, remember that as long as you’re buying from someone in your community, you’re helping to keep people in their jobs.

Shop smart.

While you’re shopping and supporting local businesses, be sure to protect yourself and others from unnecessary exposure. Use credit or debit cards or digital wallets instead of cash to reduce exposure for you and shop employees. If you’re feeling sick—or have been in contact with someone who is—stay home. Consider using a contactless delivery service or reaching out to a neighbor or friend who can pick up and deliver what you need contact free.

Be patient.

In many cases, shops, restaurants and other businesses are working with reduced staff to stay afloat. This means you might experience longer-than-normal wait times or find some items out of stock. Your local businesses want to be able to meet your needs and are working hard to deliver. Be patient and understanding and communicate that you’re grateful for their hard work and sacrifice.

Uncertain times like these can be devastating for local businesses and the communities they serve. Find ways to support your favorite local shops, restaurants, and businesses and above all, share your gratitude for their hard work with a simple thank you.