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July 1, 2021

Budget-Friendly Summer Activities for the Whole Family

Different ways to spend time together with your family, big or small.

Summertime is here and it’s prime time to be with your family since the kids are out of school. If you are on a tight budget, there are various way to spend time with your family without breaking the bank. Take advantage of your surroundings and community events, add some creativity, and you’ve got yourself activities that you can do, whether you have a big or small family.

Picnicking in a park

If you live in a neighborhood that has its own park or you are open to driving to find a community park, you can easily have fun there. Pack simple foods and drinks that are easily transportable and you’ve got your own picnic. Most community parks have their own areas of entertainment that are sure to keep the children busy while you soak up the sunshine and enjoy being out in nature.

Outdoor activities

Since it’s summer, it would be foolish to not take advantage of nature and activities that are available, especially those that are free. You can explore hiking trails together, or visit a state or national park, or for small fee, you can also go camping. This is a great way to be out in nature, take in gorgeous views, and you can make it educational for your children. Encourage them to be interested in plants, animals, and bugs.

Go to the library

Most towns have their own library for the community. If your kids are not the outdoors type, they can still learn a lot by going to the library. Some have their own events or summer reading programs for children and adults. By simply going once a week to borrow books, you will likely keep them busy and reading throughout the summer.

Go swimming

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars going to a water theme park, you can save quite a bit by going to a lake or river in town. Spend a couple days a week letting your kids play in the water and teach them how to swim. You can build sandcastles and have a water fight. Not only will it drain their energy for the day, but it can be a great day to be together by the water. If you don’t have lakes or rivers nearby, go to a community or neighborhood pool.

Community events

A lot of neighborhoods and towns usually have their own fair share of events going on through the summer. Maybe there is a local festival happening, or you can make a family trip out of going to farmers markets together. Not only are you supporting the community but also small businesses in town. Keep an eye out for events like this in the newspapers, by signing up to receive the town’s newsletters, or by following them on social media.

These are only some of the budget-friendly options for those who are trying to save. If you have some money, you can spend a little more to plan for more activities and even go on vacation. You do not need to spend a ton of money to create memorable experiences for your family.