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February 1, 2023

6 Ways to Save on Date Night

A memorable and fun date night doesn’t need to break the bank!

Whether you’re getting to know a new potential match, or are in an established relationship, dates play an important role in making connections. While an elaborate night out can be an exciting occasion, there are many other date night options that won’t break the bank! This Valentine’s Day, consider these six ways to save on date night.

Get outdoors.

While many people like to bundle up inside during winter, don’t let the cold weather stop you from enjoying the wonders of Wisconsin winter. Escape your hibernation with an outdoor activity date! Some inexpensive options include sledding, ice skating, snowshoeing, or even building a snowman! If you don’t own a sled, grocery stores typically carry affordable options during the winter months. While ice skates and snow shoes tend to be a more costly purchase, utilizing rental services is always a great option.

Check out community events.

Community groups will oftentimes plan special events for couples surrounding Valentine’s Day! Some may include candlelight hikes on local trails or paint nights at a community center. Events are a perfect way to not only spend time together but also support local community efforts. Check out local Facebook group postings or your city website to stay in the loop for these opportunities.

Join restaurant loyalty programs.

A restaurant is a classic setting for date night. However, they can get quite expensive. To combat this, consider frequenting restaurants that offer loyalty programs. Restaurants use loyalty programs to incentivize customers to keep coming back, and in turn, customers receive savings. Taking advantage of these offers not only allows you to save on the check but also creates time for you to get to know the employees of the business (and maybe even become a regular). Not sure if your favorite restaurant has a loyalty program? Ask!

Dinner and a movie at home.

Sometimes, especially after a long day, the best date night is one spent at home. Get creative in the kitchen with your partner by trying a new recipe. Follow your special home cooked meal with a home screening of a movie (couches are more comfortable than movie theater seats anyways). Adding small details to your usual space, like candles and table settings, can elevate the mood of your night, and make your evening feel just as special as a night out on the town.

Mix it up at home.

Have a go-to cocktail you love to drink on a night out? Try making it yourself! Plan ahead by also asking your partner what they would like to drink. Making drinks yourself can be a fun new experience with your partner. If you’re missing the usual bar buzz, consider inviting another couple! Break out the board games and rest assured, you have a fun evening ahead. Don’t drink alcohol? Make it a mocktail instead!

Get active together!

Is there a yoga or cycling studio down the street you’ve been eager to try out? Bring your partner along for a session! Most gyms and studios offer your first class free—making this a healthy option for your body and bank account.

Regardless of what you spend on a date night, your company will surely appreciate the time and effort you put into making your night memorable. Interested in learning more ways to save? Feel free to stop in, give us a call or visit our website today.