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November 20, 2021

5 Ways to Save at the Grocery Store

Plan your list and budget to make the most out of your next shopping trip.

According to the Consumer Price Index, food prices at grocery stores have been steadily increasing in the past several years. Now is a great time to learn to save at the store; here are five tips to help you shop smarter and save.

Cash in using a rewards card

Help offset expenses at the checkout by looking for a credit card that that specifically offers a high rate of cash-back rewards for supermarket purchases. For advice on choosing a card and managing credit, talk with the experts at Citizens First Bank today.

Store Loyalty programs, coupons, and wholesale clubs

Wholesale clubs such as Costco and Sam’s Club offer low prices on bulk goods. This is a worthwhile option for people who spend a larger part of their budget upfront on food; remember that buying in bulk doesn’t guarantee savings.

Know what to buy

Prices for the same product can vary widely based on branding, season, and location. One cost-saving tip is to plan your meals around seasonal produce when prices are lower. Food is also up charged when it is processed, so buy from the fresh produce section instead of the prepackaged plastic fruit containers. Be aware that more expensive name brands compete for shelf space at eye level where people will notice their products first. Look above and below eye level to find the generic and less expensive brands.

Shop online

For shoppers with busy schedules, deals can also be found through online grocery apps that offer in-store or curbside pickup. Shopping online can allow you to compare items more easily and confirm which items are on sale. Although there can be a small fee for curbside delivery, the savings and convenience can outweigh the cost for some customers.

Plan your list around sales

Take advantage of sales, especially on items that you buy regularly. However, be aware of expiration dates when stocking up. Timing is important too, learn which day of the week stores restock and shop before they do so items are marked down. Much like buying in bulk, buying sale items will not always equal more saved money if you don’t need the products, so stick to your list!

Visit a Citizens First Bank branch in person or online for budgeting advice and more.