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June 25, 2020

5 Ways to Enjoy Summer Close to Home

Save big this summer by enjoying summer at home with these fun activities!

Don’t let lack of funds get in the way of having a good time during the warmer months. We’ve put together a list of ideas you can do this summer that won’t break the bank and make sure everyone has fun!

Family Game Night

Rediscover the board games your family never plays. Open up the cluttered or forgotten game closet or drawer and pull out some games. Put away the cellphones and have each family member pick out one they think would be fun to try. Take turns trying each game chosen. Try turning game nights into an ongoing family tournament. None of your games sound appealing? See who can make the most creative combo by mixing one game with another. Who knows? You may create a unique family favorite! If you have children’s puzzles, try racing to see who can complete theirs first!

Try Camping (Or Glamping)

Staying safe at home doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a fun camping trip. Pull out all the tents, blankets, and pillows that you have and create a “campsite” in your yard or in your living room. Deck it out with Christmas lights or candles, play some tunes, and enjoy the fun, new environment you’ve created at your own home.

Backyard Water Park

Avoid big crowds and expensive rides and create some water park fun at home! Put together a few stations of water park fun in the backyard. Ideas could include a tub filled with water balloons (or reusable sponges), a slip and slide, or a fun “kiddie car wash” made from PVCs you can walk (or run) through. Pull out all the water guns you have and spray away. Add water balloons to your favorite backyard games like red rover or dodge ball. The best part about backyard water parks is that snack time includes all the food you have at home, no expensive vendors or entrance fees required.

House Olympics

Pick out your favorite games and activities for the whole family to compete in. Events could include anything like eating contests, living room obstacle courses, drawing competitions, paper airplane throwing, and more! Nothing is too silly or strange to include. For fun event ideas check out the Presley family’s Quarantine Olympics on TikTok, Golden Carers, and

Cook Up Summer Fun

Being at home opens up opportunities for trying new kitchen concoctions. Have the family look up some fun recipes that sound delicious and have a fun dinner night where you try a new recipe. Make homemade pizza, try a summer smoothie, or create your own ice cream. Maybe dedicate a night to trying food from a new culture! The possibilities are endless. You could even go a step further and try your hand at growing your own food in the backyard. Fresh fruits and vegetables are always a fun addition to summer dishes and your kids can learn about gardening in the process.

Whatever you fill your summer with, remember you don’t have to splurge to have a great time. Create your own fun, research budget-friendly, DIY ideas for anything you don’t want to miss out on this year, and make the most of your family time together.