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April 20, 2021

Socially Distant Summer Vacation Ideas

Here are a few ways to enjoy your summer vacation while minimizing risk of exposure to COVID-19.

Summer can be the best time to spend with family and to travel. With the pandemic squashing many families’ 2020 summer plans, here are a few 2021 vacation ideas that allow you to see loved ones and enjoy new experiences while maintaining necessary social distancing.

Go camping or glamping

You can choose to go back to basics and go camping with your family. By living and playing outdoors, there is a bigger space to ensure safe social distancing habits. Time to dig out your tents and sleeping bags for a couple nights out in the wilderness. However, if you do not particularly enjoy the idea of sleeping so close to the ground, an alternative is to go glamping instead. Enjoy the benefits of camping in the outdoors but with some basic—or even luxe—amenities and features.

Look for luxury home rentals

This option can be ideal for big families as you can rent private luxurious properties from ranch-style to condos or cabins. If you are not a fan of hotels or the idea of booking an extra number of rooms for a larger family, this can be a better and cheaper option. You can spend time with your family privately while enjoying the luxurious aspect of the property.

Travel in an RV

If road trips are your favorite form of vacation, consider investing in an RV if you do not already have one. You can also rent an RV to avoid spending a large sum of money. Traveling in an RV allows you to bring a home on wheels with you as you explore on your vacation.

Live on a boat

If you enjoy being surrounded by water, you can opt to rent a boat or houseboat. Pick a boat that is equipped with sleeping quarters and a cooking area, then you can spend your days swimming or laying in the sun with your living quarters only a jump away from your entertainment.

A socially distant summer vacation does not mean it has to be lonely or low on fun. These are only some of the many ways you can enjoy a vacation safely. Based on your budget, family members, and preferences, you can find the perfect summer vacation for you and your family.