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Citizens First Bank financial blog offers helpful information on topics like saving, budgeting, loans, retirement, and lifestyle finances.


The 2023 Grain Market: Insights and Strategies 

In the blink of an eye, the ease of selling grain that characterized the early months of 2023 has transformed into a complex challenge for farmers across the nation. As trusted partners in your agricultural journey, Citizens First Bank understands the pressing concerns and uncertainties surrounding the current state of the grain market. We’ll explore […]

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Money Milestones for Every Decade

When it comes to financial comfort, it is important to have a plan. Your plan should fit your lifestyle as no one-shoe-fits-all outline. These milestones are just general guidelines and blanket advice that can help you get started if you are unsure of what kind of money goals to reach for in different ages of your life.
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How to Budget Grocery Store Spending

Know how to balance monthly spending on food and restaurants. Have you noticed higher food prices at the grocery store? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ 2023 report on the Consumer Price Index, the price of groceries has jumped 12.4% since October 2021. It is important to make a conscious choice to budget the […]
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