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Citizens First Bank financial blog offers helpful information on topics like saving, budgeting, loans, retirement, and lifestyle finances.


How to Teach Your Kids About Money

Five steps to set your kids up for their own financial success. Make a lasting impact on your children’s financial habits…

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What is Investing and How Does It Work?

Keep these strategies in mind when considering any investment.  Take charge of your financial security, enhance your overall income, and meet your financial goals by learning about the benefits of investing. What is investing and why is it important?  Many people think of investing as “putting money to work”. In the most simplistic sense, investing […]
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5 Things Businesses Can Do Now

1. Talk to your lender If you haven’t already, talk to your lender if you expect or are experiencing cash flow problems. 2. Plan for the next 3-6 months Many businesses have sufficient funds or access to capital for the next 2-3 months; however, we don’t know how long this will last. Both in terms […]
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How to Save Money While Traveling

Learn how to conserve some cash while you’re exploring the world! Traveling is an amazing experience. Whether it’s around the globe or just across the state it can help create memories that last a lifetime. Unfortunately these memories can come at a major financial cost, but they don’t have to! Read on to learn how […]
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3 Tips to Help Avoid Extra Expenses

Use these strategies to cut back on extra fees so you can save for the future. Student loans, rent payments, and monthly expenses; it can feel overwhelming to manage personal finances and save for future goals. You can start saving today by using free resources and tools to optimize your income. Record your spending Recording […]
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3 Retirement Concerns to Consider

Use these strategies to save during your new career. The road to retirement is different for everyone. To make a smooth transition from your career to enjoy the next phase of life, planning for your lifestyle and needs ahead of time is important. Know the real cost of retirement Since the average American spends 20 […]
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Pros and Cons of Early Retirement

Is retiring early a good decision? It is not uncommon for people to dream about retiring early. The thought of having free time, leaving the workforce, and being financially independent is very appealing. Retiring early can mean living wherever you want and doing whatever you want. Here are a few pros and cons to early […]
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