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Retirement Savings

Thursday, July 21, 2011 at 3:42 pm by Administrator

As I sit here waiting for my younger, and much more mature sister to give birth to her first child, I think about their future, and I can’t help think about the future of my working years and the working years of CFB customers.  I do a lot of reading on retirement and retirement savings, and though I’m no expert, I do like this article in Smart Money a magazine from the Wall Street Journal.


The article is an easy read and helps to explain that there are no magic bullets in saving for retirement, it is just having a plan and sticking to it.  In the Article they mention saving 10% of your income and for many people that is not feasible, but they do mention even if you save something that will increase you comfort level in retirement.  So by all means save what you can, make a plan and stick to it. This might not be easy, but sometimes staying the course means you have to make a few waves.

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